Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eat More Weigh Less

It would be difficult for us to think that when we eat more, we will weigh less. It does not mean that eating any kind of foods you like, the issue here is eating nutritious foods which increases energy and lowers the risks of diseases.

People think that eating more weigh less is impossible. Obesity occurs when calories eaten exceed the calories used by the body for physical a activity and maintenance of its functions.

The secret of success of weighing less lies in finding a way to eat fewer calories instead eating less food.

If we love foods but want to lose weight , then eat more: fresh vegetables, whole grains and fresh whole fruits, drink water and walk briskly everyday. But of course, we need to eat less with the foods which are high in calorie content and fat like meats, nuts, cheese, etc.

The good diet should contain a variety of nutritious foods which be of help in maintaining ideal weight. Another thing is you need to go on exercise regularly to keep your body healthy and be away from diseases.


  1. Hi Jong,

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