Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Give a life foundation(Philippines)

when I opened my account in Blogcatalog, I received an invitation coming from a friend, agentpx of Heavenly Yours, to blog about "Give a life foundation".When I read that this is a blogging for a cause to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes, I immediately make a post in my blog about this charity foundation:for the under-privileged sick and dying baby's and children in the Philippines whose families are less fortunate and cannot afford to send them to the best hospitals for treatment..

It cannot be denied that our country is still suffering from poverty especially that now a days, most people are affected by the global crises...the question is, how can these kids survive without the help of those philanthropists who have the heart to give and support them because their families are financially unstable the fact that the medicines are too expensive..

By the way, what is Give a Life Foundation? This is to give you a point of view about the foundation..

Give a Life children's charity, for the under-privileged sick and dying in the Philippines. Some of Manila's largest pediatric wards need your help. Your donations will provide life saving medicine and equipment for children from the poorest families in the Philippines. The Give A Life Foundation, ensures that 100% of your gifts go to help sick children in the pediatric wards of Luzon and the Philippines!
Our primary goal is to replace and upgrade the equipment used in these wards. We have also created a new cost effective and efficient systems for access to medicines, antibiotics, cancer drugs, medical supplies, disinfectants and soaps for the poorest cases.

If you have the heart to support these kids and donate,just visit their site.Click here.

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