Friday, May 8, 2009

I found a friend.....

If I remember it correctly,I think it was in the first week of April this year that I had found not just a good friend but a younger brother as well. During that time, I was very busy with my blog and at the same time making friends in Blogcatalog. That was the time that I am busy looking for referrals and I invited this guy to sign up in a certain social networking site and he immediately accepted my invitation and the rest was history...we became close friends though we did not meet in person..we chat and he sometimes asks for advices on something. The guy that I am referring to is Brilliam Abellar of The Pseudomonas. Now that he is taking a new step in his life which is to work abroad in order to give his family a greener pasture, I just would like to extend my warmest 'Congratulations' to you brother...Keep up the good work!

Stay in touch!


  1. how are you Kuya? this is brilliam- email me..