Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mypage5 review

I have been a member of this site for quite a month now and I found it very enjoyable....Aside from the fact that you gained friends here, interact with each other, chatting, uploading picture, at the same time, you earned by doing this stuff...The most financially rewarding social networking site that I have joined so far...There are just a few flaws, things that needs to be improved like the quality of the blogs that are written by the members and there are member who do not know how to write English...But I know that the Mypage5 Admin is trying to improve the site, the fact that they also keep on reminding the members about the rules and policies by posting a blog....From the scale of 1 out of 10, I will give them a 10 rating...

Mypage5 issues payment one month after you reach the minimum payout. Their method of payment is through Paypal.

Here are the corresponding bonuses that you earned by doing the things that you love:

  • New member signs up with picture - $5.00
  • New member sign up without picture - $0.00
  • Member log in - 1 cents
  • Create a blog - 10 cents
  • Bog comment - 2 cents
  • Upload Videos - 15 cents
  • Video comment - 2 cents
  • Post classified - 10 cents
  • Create group - 2 cents
  • Join group/comment - 2 cents
  • Invite a friend - $1.00
  • Profile comment - 2 cents
  • Upload photo to album - 2 cents
  • Photo comment - 2 cents
  • Band comment - 2 cents
  • Profile views - 1 cent

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